Research and Methodological Council

Research and Methodological Council of ISEI BSU coordinates research and methodological work. Methodological commissions are created to organize research and methodological work at the faculties.
Research and methodological work is aimed at methodological support of the educational process and is carried out at the training and auxiliary units of the Institute according to annual and long-term plans.

Research and Methodological Council main tasks:

  • improve science-based forms of the educational process organization;
  • optimize curricula, programs in relation to specialties and majors;
  • create high-quality modular and certified courses in various disciplines;
  • prepare textbooks, training and teaching aids for the disciplines studied;
  • develop forms, methods and criteria for student knowledge quality control;
  • study, generalize, and implement advanced pedagogical experience, and innovative educational technologies;
  • plan, research and methodological support of student independent work.

Research and methodological work is carried out by all lecturers according to their individual plans.

🔗 Regulations on Research and Methodological Council

🔗 Work plan of Research and Methodological Council for the 2022-2023 academic year


Members of Research and Methodological Council of International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University

Name Photo Status
1. Rodzkin O. I. Chairman
Educational and Methodical Department:
2. Novikova N. M. Deputy Chairperson
Faculty of Environmental Monitoring:
3. Zhuravkov V. V. Member
4. Golovaty S. E. Member
5. Kyivitskaya A. I. Member
6. Savastenko N. A. Member
7. Pashinsky V. A. Member
8. Rodzkin A.S. Member
Faculty of Environmental Medicine:
9. Shahab S. N. Member
10. A. N. Batyan Member
11. Dovgulevich N. N. Member
12. Ikonnikova N. V. Member
13. Krutalevich M. M. Member
14. Lemeshevsky V. O. Lemeshevsky Member
15. Chernetskaya A. G. Member
16. Sysa A. G. Member
17. Gritskevich E. R.  
Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining:
18. Putik V. S. Member
19. Mihalevich M. M. Member
20. Sechko E.V. Member
Training and methodological laboratory of environmental education
21. Strigelskaya N.P.   Member