Faculty of Environmental Medicine


Sysa Alexey Grigorievich,

PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor

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Monday-Thursday-8.30-13.00, 13.45-17.30

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Koshkina Natalia Evgenievna,

Phone: +375 17 398-93-59

E–mail: fem@iseu.by

Chairs of the faculty:

Chair of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry Chair of General Biology and Genetics 
Chair of Immunology Chair of Linguistic Disciplines and Intercultural Communications 
Chair of Environmental Medicine and Radiobiology Chair of Physical Education  

Specialties :

1-80 02 01 “Medical and Biological Science”
Qualification – “Biologist-analyst. Teacher of Biology”. Students study: biological (in-depth) and medical Sciences; advanced methods and means of laboratory diagnostics used to assess the functional state of the body. Gain skills in bioanalytical work to carry out biochemical, immunological, and other analyses, study biological samples for medical purposes, and decipher them. Graduates are ready to work in laboratories of medical, educational, and research institutions.
1-33 01 05 “Medical Ecology”
Qualification – “Ecologist-expert”. Students study: ecology and environmental standards, biological and medical Sciences; the influence of environmental factors on humans.  Gain skills in working with regulatory documents, working on advanced equipment to carry out chemical, physical, microbiological, other analyses, and studies. Graduates are ready to work in laboratories of hygiene and epidemiology Centers as well as other institutions, and enterprises that determine the level and nature of environmental factor impact on the population.

While training at the faculty, students have an additional opportunity to get the second specialty at foreign partner universities on a paid basis:

  • Medical Biology (Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk, Poland).
  • Cosmetology (Vincent Paul University in Lublin, Poland).

Students to have mastered both educational programs obtain two degrees of the Republic of Belarus and the European Union.

II stage (master’s course):

  • 1-33 80 05 “Medical and Biological Science” (majors in “Applied immunology”, “Radiobiology”, “Medical biochemistry” Qualification – “Master”. Training languages: Russian, English.
  • 1-33 80 01 “Ecology” (major in “Medical ecology”) Qualification – “Master”. Training language: Russian.

To make interactive, interesting, and practice-oriented training is a specific priority of the educational activity of environmental medicine faculty. Experts-practitioners, potential employers as well as researchers are involved in the development of educational programs. As a result, educational programs are focused on practice and at the same time contain a significant research component.

While mastering the main profession, students learn two foreign languages: English and optional (Spanish, German, French, etc.).

During their studies, students of the faculty of environmental medicine have the opportunity to participate in academic exchanges, mastering some disciplines in partner universities in Poland and Serbia. Foreign internships allow you to get acquainted with the experience of European colleagues in practice and enter the international professional community while still students.

Graduates are prepared to solve the following professional tasks:

  • expert assessment of the impact of harmful and aggressive environmental factors on various population groups to monitor, predict and prevent pathological processes;
  • planning and conducting biochemical, cytogenetic and immunological research at the cellular, tissue and organism levels;
  • production control in the field of biotechnology;
  • laboratory and diagnostic activities in non-medical positions in clinical and diagnostic laboratories.

Graduate distribution in 2019

Budget training – 68 people.

Paid basis training – 1 person.

 in 2018

Budget training – 59 students.

in 2017

Budget training – 77 people.

Research work at the faculty

Research is carried out in the following fields:

  1. Development of methods and tools for population health comprehensive assessment;
  2. Development of new methods of laboratory and molecular medicine in the field of medical and environmental monitoring;
  3. Development, improvement and implementation of the concept of higher and postgraduate environmental education in the Republic of Belarus.

In 2018, the faculty staff completed 10 research projects. 421 scientific papers were published, including 6 monographs, 153 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings, 234 abstracts. There are 22 textbooks published, 6 articles written for the encyclopedia. Faculty members took part in 92 conferences and seminars, including 73 international or with international participation. Based on the research results, 6 patents were obtained, 7 invention applications were filed, 1 methodology was registered, and 20 acts on the research result use were made up.

Theses defense by faculty members

In 2018, the faculty members successfully defended their theses:

  • Ekaterina Shpadaruk “Prognostic significance of molecular and biological markers in the combined treatment (with radiation therapy) of pancreatic cancer”. Specialty 03.01.01-Radiobiology and 03.01.07-Molecular genetics. Thesis defense Council D 02.01.22.
  • Bodilovskaya Olga Aleksandrovna “Ecological and biological characteristics of growth and reproduction of pulmonate mollusks during self-and cross-fertilization”. Specialty 03.02.08-Ecology. Thesis defense Council D 02.01.22.

Graduates who previously graduated from the faculty of environmental medicine (2012-2015) defended their theses:

  • “Heterologous expression, isolation, protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions of human thromboxane synthase”, Svirid Andrey Vasilyevich, PhD in Chemical Sciences, specialty 03.01.04-Biochemistry (Chemical Sciences), thesis defense Council D 01.21.01 At the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (graduated from ISEI BSU, master’s course in 2012).
  • “The role of low-and medium-length genes in the development of sporadic breast cancer”, Vyacheslav N. Kipen,PhD in Biological Sciences, specialty 03.01.07-Molecular genetics (Biological Sciences). Theses defense Council D 01.31.01 at the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (graduated from ISEI BSU, postgraduate course in 2015).

Student research work

Annually, the faculty holds a competition of scientific papers among students and undergraduates in the field of ecology, radiobiology and environmental medicine named after A. A. Milyutin, an academician of the International Academy of Ecology and a full member of the world Academy of Medicine. According to the results of competitions in 2018, 30 students were recognized as winners in various categories.

In 2018, the students of the faculty who have excellent academic performance, actively participate in research work, and have research publications were awarded the following advanced scholarships:

  • scholarship of the President of the Republic of Belarus (D. D. Shevchuk);
  • personal scholarship based on session results (A. S. Sipach).

International activities

The faculty of environmental medicine has constant and effective contacts with the offices of international organizations and programs operating in the Republic of Belarus: the UN office in the Republic of Belarus, the UNICEF Children’s Fund, UNESCO, the Minsk International Educational Center, the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, etc. Long-term cooperation is carried out within the Baltic University Program (Sweden).

The international activities of the faculty are aimed at ensuring its closer integration with the international university community obtaining additional opportunities for accelerated development and competitive advantages. In 2018, 6 contracts were signed. Within the concluded agreements, scientific conferences and joint research in the field of ecology and renewable energy sources are held, and joint publications are published.

In 2018, the following cooperation agreements were signed and implemented:

  • between the Tashkent State Dental Institute of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the Republic of Uzbekistan) and ISEI BSU;
  • between Warsaw University of Natural Sciences-SGGW (the Republic of Poland) and ISEI BSU;
  • between the Institute of Botany, Physiology and Plant Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan (the Republic of Tajikistan) and ISEI BSU;
  • between L.A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (the Republic of Armenia) and ISEI BSU;
  • between LLC “Medical and Social College of Dushanbe” (the Republic of Tajikistan) and ISEI BSU;
  • between the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (the Republic of Poland) and ISEI BSU.

The faculty of environmental medicine has established cooperation with the faculty of natural Sciences of the University of Novi Sad (the Republic of Serbia), staff and students participate in professional development and exchange programs within this cooperation. In 2019, as a part of the student exchange program, representatives of International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University and the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) took part in educational trips (2 lecturers and 2 students from the faculty of environmental medicine and 2 lecturers and 3 students from the University of Novi Sad).

Faculty members participate in the preparation of project applications and implementation of international projects within the following programs: Erasmus+, Baltic University, cross-border cooperation programs, etc.

Since 2016, a joint faculty of International Sakharov Environmental Institute of BSU and the Tajik National University has been functioning. Training at the faculty is provided in Russian according to the curricula for specialties and majors developed by ISEI BSU and TNU, approved by their heads within the educational standards of higher education of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Tajikistan. In 2018, 31 students studied at the joint faculty of ISEI BSU (BSU – TNU) in the specialties of I stage of higher education: Medical and Biological Science.

Within the Memorandum of Understanding between ISEI BSU and Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University, a joint master’s program in biomedical diagnostics (according to the 1+1 scheme) was developed with the issue of two degrees.

A joint educational program in the specialty “Medical Ecology” (shortened correspondence course) was developed with the Medical and Social College of Dushanbe.

In 2019, within the agreement on international cooperation between the Warsaw Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Poland, a group of 10 students of the faculty in Warsaw underwent a practical training and an internship to prepare graduate and master’s theses based on laboratories and departments of the Warsaw Botanical garden.