About International Activities in ISEI BSU

ISEI BSU carries out its work together with a number of international organizations and associations operating on the territory of the Republic of Belarus:

The main priorities of the Institute’s international activities are:

  • providing educational services for foreign citizens (also in English);
  • development of project activities for the implementation of academic mobility programs and international cooperation in the field of scientific projects;
  • participation in international organizations and associations;
  • providing and conducting activities within the framework of the basic organization for environmental education of the CIS member States;
  • implementation of international cooperation in environmental education and education for sustainable development.

Every year, the Institute provides professional training and training to foreign citizens from around the world including the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, China, Iran, Syria, Nigeria, and Sudan.

Among the most important projects implemented with the participation of ISEI BSU are:

  • “Implementation of a new concept for managing rewetted peatlands for sustainable energy and biomass production (“Swamp energy”).
  • TEMPUS Human Security (“The environment, the quality of food on territories contaminated with radionuclides”).
  • “Environmental management for training environmental specialists” (Tempus EnGo).
  • Project “Environmental education for Belarus, Russia and Ukraine” (EcoBRU).
  • The project “Education for sustainable power engineering in Belarus: program spare implementation (SPARE) in the institutions of formal and non-formal education”.
  • Project “Clean production”, Tekna (Society of chartered engineers and scientists).
  • Ecological and biochemical approaches to the regulation of growth and reproduction in gill-legged and decapod crayfish in terms of their potential use in aquaculture.
  • Comparative assessment of the adaptive potential of Belarusian and Baikal gastropod species with different ecological valence to environmental stress factors.
  • Problems of public health promotion in the context of social bioethics and introduction of innovative biomedical technologies.

As part of the project implementation, our partners are:

Internships are implemented annually as part of the international exchange program for undergraduates and postgraduates. Among the main educational institutions that ISEI BSU actively cooperates with in the field of academic mobility:

International conferences, student olympiads, round tables, trainings are held annually on the basis of ISEI BSU, such as: international scientific conference “Sakharov readings: environmental problems of the XXI century” with the participation of specialists and scientists from foreign countries, international student conference, international scientific conference of young scientists, postgraduates, undergraduates, students.

As of 01.11.2016, 57 cooperation agreements are in effect at ISEI BSU. Within the framework of the signed agreements, scientific conferences and joint research in ecology and renewable energy sources are held, and joint publications are published.