Trade union organization of employees

Puhteeva Irina Viktorovna,

head of trade

23/1 Dolgobrodskaya St., office 210
Phone number: +375 17 299 00 69 

Zhuravleva Nina Mihailovna,


23/1 Dolgobrodskaya St., office 217

Phone: +375 17 369-25-05

Antonovich Oksana Aleksandrovna,

member of the trade Union

15 Botany street 

Malinovskaya Yulia Viktorovna,

member of the trade Union

23/1 Dolgobrodskaya St., office 313

Phone: +375 17 246-29-04


Opanasenko Tatyana Sergeevna,

member of the trade union bureau

23/1 Dolgobrodskaya St., office 210
Tel.: +375 17 379 90 96



Dear colleagues!

The Republican Center for Health Improvement and spa treatment offers employees of the Institute health improvement in the City center of balneotherapy. If you have any questions about purchasing a permit, please contact the representative of the Trade Union Bureau in the commission for improving the health of our institute


Antonovich Oksana Alexandrovna by phone.+375 29 644 75 86


Dear colleagues!

When purchasing Spa vouchers to sanatoriums system UE “Elprofessor” for members of the Federation of trade unions of Belarus and their children there is a permanent discount of 25 %.
The Central Committee of the Belarusian trade Union of workers of education and science adopted a resolution on the provision of financial assistance to reduce the cost of vouchers in the amount of 5% of Union members at rehabilitation in the sanatorium up “Elprofessor“.
To apply for financial assistance, you must submit an application, a return ticket, and a receipt for paying for the trip.
Contact the trade union committee of employees of the Sakharov International State Ecological Institute of BSU (office 210).




Agreement between the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian Professional Union of Education and Science Workers for 2019-2022
Collective bargaining agreement
Changes and additions to the collective agreement
Application for joining a trade union
Application for financial assistance
Work plan of the trade union organization of employees of the Sakharov International State Ecological Institute of BSU for the first half of 2021