The Ministry of Emergency Situations informs

Campaign «Don’t Burn Your Life Out» 

On November 12, the republican campaign “Don’t burn your life!” starts, aimed at preventing fires and deaths due to careless handling of fire while smoking.

The campaign will run from November 12 to 30 in four stages. At the first stage, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with «Belarusian Youth Public Organization of Lifeguards and Firemen» activists will conduct preventive conversations with passengers and distribute information leaflets in public transport, at public transport stops, buses, bus stations, and railway stations.

The second stage of the campaign will be held from November 13 to 20 at industrial enterprises, organizations, cultural, leisure centers, and public catering points. The representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will perform in working communities, show preventive videos and arrange quite interesting contests.

The third stage (from November 20 to 27) will be held in higher education institutions and secondary schools, where the representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will arrange real creative evenings. With KVN, songs and many other contests.

The final stage of the campaign will be held from November 28 to 30 in shopping centers of the capital, where workers of MES will put on a real show! Play areas, a concert program, an exhibition of specialized equipment, and many other surprises and gifts.

Action «For safety together»

To increase the level of public safety, activate fire prevention work, analyze its effectiveness and assess the readiness of territories for the autumn-winter fire-hazardous period, a republican campaign to prevent fires and deaths in the housing stock is being held from October 15 to November 02, 2018. The campaign is aimed at reducing the number of fires that occur due to non-compliance of citizens with fire safety rules in residential buildings and structures, settlements and territories, and increasing public awareness about the possibilities of state organizations to provide services in the field of fire safety, strengthening the rule of law, as well as preventing offenses committed by citizens in an alcoholic intoxication.

The main objectives of the campaign are to inform the public about the state of fire safety, provide assistance to local executive and administrative bodies, and focus their attention on the need for regular and targeted work in this area.

Each resident of the country can contact the district emergency department to conduct a survey of housing for compliance with fire safety rules and get recommendations from rescuers.


Spring this year came unexpectedly early, and therefore a month earlier in the Republic began seasonal dry grass fires. According to statistics, in 2019, 2,691 fires occurred in ecosystems on a total area of 11,333 hectares. Rescuers eliminated 520 forest fires, 243 fires of peat bogs. 1,928 cases of burning grass and shrubs were recorded. Despite such statistics, the desire to get rid of garbage and last year’s grass with a lit match does not disappear among citizens. The first cases of dry vegetation ignition were recorded in mid-February-warm weather contributed to restoring order in private plots. Most of these fires are the result of human carelessness in handling fire. Their own negligence and disregard for basic safety rules have played a cruel joke on people more than once, as numerous examples from operational reports prove.:

On March 20, a report was received about a fire of dry vegetation near the territory of a private household in the Mogilev region. As a result of the fire, the owner, born in 1950, a pensioner, was killed

On March 25, a report was received about a dry grass fire on the territory of a private household in the Lyubansky district. As a result of the fire, a citizen born in 1977 was killed.

On March 25, it was reported that dry vegetation caught fire on the territory of a private household in Bobruisk. As a result of the fire, a man received burns of 1-3 degrees (90% of the body), whose identity is being established. A few days later, the man died from his burns.

On March 28, a report was received about a fire of dry vegetation on the territory of a private household in the Lyakhovichi district. The owner, born in 1952 and a pensioner, who was hospitalized, suffered 1-3 degree burns (40% of his body) while extinguishing the fire on his own.

In Belarus, burning dry vegetation is prohibited by law. According to article 15.57 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, for burning dry vegetation, grass on the root, as well as stubble and crop residues in the fields, or failure to take measures to eliminate fires, guilty persons are brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the amount of 10 to 40 basic units. Article 15.58-a warning or fine of up to 12 basic units is provided for lighting bonfires in prohibited places. If damage is caused on a particularly large scale, criminal liability is imposed (art. 270, 276 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus).

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus reminds that it is necessary to be careful when restoring order on the territory of private residential buildings, dachas:

– take out the trash to a designated place;

– if you can’t do without incineration, choose the site so as to avoid a fire. The distance to buildings and structures should be at least 10 m, from the forest area – 20 meters, 30 meters from places where hay or straw is stored. You can burn waste only in calm weather, the flame must be constantly monitored, and in no case left unattended;

– do not forget about the fire extinguisher, water tank, shovel;

– burning of dry vegetation, crop residues, herbs on the root is strictly prohibited.

Another spring “problem” is lovers of outdoor recreation. Going to “kebabs”, people choose picturesque places. But when people leave, they leave mountains of garbage, broken glass, and plastic bottles. They forget to put out the fire, and throw cigarette butts in the grass. But a gust of wind carries the fire over long distances, burning everything in its path.

To make outdoor activities really safe:

– carefully consider all safety measures during recreation and ensure that they are strictly implemented by both adults and children;

– place the grill or grill at least 4 meters away from the house. When igniting, do not use flammable liquids in any case;

– do not leave open fires, matches, cigarette butts, or glass bottles in recreation areas (they work as magnifying glasses in the sun, focus sunlight and set fire to grass, moss, etc.);

– do not pass by the burning grass, if it is impossible to extinguish the fire on your own, report fires to the Emergency Service on duty by phone. “101,112”.

Be careful with the fire! Your safety depends on you.