Migration card

A migration card is a document containing information about a foreigner entering and leaving the Republic of Belarus and is used to monitor his / her temporary stay or temporary residence in the Republic of Belarus.


Migration card forms are issued to foreigners free of charge before entering the Republic of Belarus in case of following the following route::


  • by air and inland water transport – by ship crew members;
  • by rail – members of train crews;
  • by public road transport (buses) – by drivers;
  • by other motor vehicles or on foot – officials of the Border Guard service of the Republic of Belarus.


Employees of the citizenship and migration departments of the territorial internal affairs bodies issue a migration card form in the following cases::


  • loss or damage to it during your stay in the Republic of Belarus;
  • entry and stay in the Republic of Belarus without a migration card, as well as without an entry mark in the migration card for reasons beyond the foreigner’s control;
  • temporary departure to the Russian Federation of a foreigner permanently or temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus.


When entering the Republic of Belarus, a foreigner must receive and fill out a migration card form consisting of two parts, in accordance with the requirements for filling out a migration card form.


The migration card form is filled in by every foreigner, regardless of age, on the basis of a valid passport or other document replacing it, intended for traveling abroad.


The migration card form is filled out in the Russian (Belarusian) language or in Latin letters in accordance with the data of the document for traveling abroad.


The foreigner when entering the Republic of Belarus at the border control checkpoint at the State border of the Republic of Belarus presents a completed migration card official bodies of the border service of the Republic of Belarus, which, after verifying the information entered in the migration card, the information contained in the visa of a foreigner and a document for travel abroad, adds to the migration card stamped on entry to the Republic of Belarus, and also withdraws from the alien part of the migration card.


In the case of loss or damage to the immigration card during the stay in the Republic of Belarus an alien is required within three working days from the date of loss or damage to announce it to the territorial body of internal Affairs (DCM) at the place of registration, which upon presentation of a foreigner documents on the basis of which he entered the Republic of Belarus, gives out free duplicate of the migration card.


However, it should be noted that the loss of the migration card, according to Article 23.55 Part 1 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Belarus, entails the imposition of a fine of up to 50 basic units or deportation.

Dear international students, Do not forget to observe the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and other legislative acts, and respect the traditions of our country!


                                                                                   E. B. Matyushevsky, Inspector
OGiM of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Sovetsky District Administration of Minsk