1-80 02 01 Medical and Biological Science


Students study • Biological Science (in-depth);

• Medical Science;

• Advanced methods and sources of laboratory diagnostics used to assess the functional state of a human body;

Practice Training;

• Biological and Analytical;

• Laboratory and diagnostic productive practice;

• Pedagogical;

• Thesis Design;

Based on research practical centers of the National Academy of Sciences, research centers and the institutions of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Belarus.

Students gain skills in bio-analytical work to carry out biochemical, immunological, and other analysis, research biological probes in medical purposes, their decryption.
Description The specialty includes deep comprehension of medical and biological disciplines with in-depth theoretical training in the field of information technologies, molecular biology, molecular medicine, skills in working with modern laboratory equipment.
Graduates Can work at laboratories of medical, education, and research institutions.

Able to analyze impact degree of harmful environmental factors on living systems at molecular biological, cytological, immunological, genetic, and epidemiological levels, assess such impact, decide on how to optimize them.  

Requirements secondary education;

• language proficiency (determined by the results of the interview; appropriate language level to master the educational program is needed).

Description of study Period of study: September 1 – June 30. There are 3 week holidays between semesters in winter. Students write course papers in the 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters, thesis in the 8th semester and also take the State Exam. 



Subject Credits (ECTS) Academic hours
General Biochemistry 6 216
Inner Diseases 9 324
Radiobiology and Radiation Medicine 6 216
Normal Physiology 3 120
Pathological Anatomy and Physiology 8 320
Cell biology 15 552
General and Medical Microbiology and Virology 6 214
Immunology 6 214
Foreign language  12 444


Graduate competencies • ability to organize and conduct the work according to the qualification Biologist-Analyst in non-medical positions in the system of the Ministry of Public Health;

• ability to carry out laboratory research in the field of all main majors of advanced experimental Biology and Medicine (Biochemistry; Genetics; Physiology; Radiobiology; Environmental, Laboratory, and Radiation Medicine, etc.); 

• ability to research in the field of Medicine and Biology at the institutions of Medical and Biological profile

• ability to plan and organize the educational process, manage it using effective technologies (including diagnostic sources) taking into account the individual characteristics of students, establishing a pedagogical and appropriate relationship with all participants of the educational process.

Continuation of study  II and III stages of higher education
Master’s Course (II stage) 1-33 80 05 Medical and Biological Science (majors in):

• Medical Biochemistry;

• Applied Immunology;

• Cytogenetics.

Postgraduate Course (III stage) • 03.01.01 Radiobiology; 

03.01.02 Biophysics;

• 03.01.04 Biochemistry; 

• 03.02.08 Ecology (majors in):

• Urban Ecology;

• Environmental Biotechnology;

• Environmental Management;

• Green Economy;

• 03.03.02 Anthropology.