Chair of Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Head of the Chair Tushin Nikolai Nikolaevich,
PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


Address: 20 Dolgobrodskaya str., room 513

Academic staff

Full nameDiscipline taught

Kievitskaya Anna Ivanovna,

Head of the Chair, PhD in Technical Sciences, Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor

Neutron Physics
Nuclear fuel cycle and radioactive waste management
Legal regulation of nuclear and radiation safety
Legal regulation of radiation safety
Human life safety
Physics of the nucleus and ionizing radiation

Gusakova Olga Vadimovna,

Associate Professor, PhD in Physics and Mathematics


Materials science and technology of structural materials
Theoretical mechanics
Technical system reliability and risk management

Labor protection

Tushin Nikolay Nikolaevich,
Associate Professor, PhD in Technical Sciences

Fundamentals of radiation safety
Radiation safety

Hadzhinov Evgeny Mikhailovich,

Associate Professor, PhD in Technical Sciences

Physics of the nucleus and ionizing radiation

Hadzhinova Olga Mikhailovna,
Senior lecturer


Control and physical protection of nuclear materials and ionizing radiation sources

Safety and physical protection of ionizing radiation sources

Radioecology and radiation monitoring

Biological effects of ionizing radiation and human health

Radiation safety

Fundamentals of radiation safety

Dashkevich Tatyana Vladimirovna,

Senior lecturer

Radioecology and radiation monitoring

Human life safety

Laboratory classes in the discipline  Measurement of ionizing radiation characteristics

Management of coursework in the disciplines Measurement of ionizing radiation characteristics, Dosimetry;

Management of training practices of 1,3 courses and production practice of 4 courses on radiation monitoring

Popov Boris Igorevich,

Associate Professor


Baran Alexander Valerievich

PhD in Physics and Maths

Tensor analysis

Timoshchenko Andrei Igorevich

PhD in Physics and Maths, Associate Professor

Ionizing radiation protection

Emelianenko Evgeny Vladimirovich



Educational support staff

Antonov Viktor ArkadievichLining and Testing Engineer of I category
Lobarev Alexei Leonidovich

Radiometric Engineer

Pinchuk Artem ValentinovichRadiometric Engineer
Protko Irina PavlovnaLaboratory assistant
Kalinin Viktor NikolaevichRadiometric Engineer