Chair of Energy Efficient Technologies

Head of the Chair – PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Pashinskiy Vasiliy Antonovich
Phone: +375 17 361 61 12

Specialists: +375 17 361 61 12
Address: Botanicheskaya str., 15, room 218

Academic staff

Full nameDiscipline taught
Pashinsky Vasily Antonovich, Head of the Chair
PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Production, transportation, and electricity consumption;
Energy consumption in buildings and structures;
Introduction to the specialty;

Efficiency of energy systems;

Energy planning and finance in the field of energy saving;

Operation of power plants;

Krasovsky Vladimir Ivanovich

PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Applied Mechanics;

Material science and technology of structural materials

Artemchuk Sergey Veniaminovich,
PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Fluid and gas mechanics;
Continuum mechanics;
Hydroelectric power industry;
Wind power industry;
Energy-converting machines;
Shulya Yuliya Mikhailovna,
Senior lecturer

Management of renewable energy resources;
Heat transfer;
Heat engineering;

Production, transport and consumption of thermal energy

Butko Andrey Anatolevich,
Senior lecturer

New types of fuel and integrated energy generation systems;
Secondary energy resources;
Fuel and its use;
Renewable energy sources;

Fundamentals of designing renewable energy facilities;

Shalkevich Pavel Konstantinovich,
PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Engineering graphics;
Engineering and computer graphics;
Fundamentals of scientific research and innovation;
Modeling and optimization of energy processes;
Modeling and optimization of energy processes and RES devices/RES Energy Management;
Computer-aided design systems;
Lipnitsky Leonid Alexandrovich, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Electrical engineering;

Automated systems to manage energy consumption; 

Medical electronics and measurement automation;

Electronics and measurement automation;

Accounting, control, energy resources regulation;

Educational support staff

Kostyuchenko Anna VladimirovnaLaboratory assistant of I qualification category
Velichko Polina SergeevnaEngineer
Filimonchik Valentina OlegovnaLaboratory assistant