Belaya Rus

The Republican public Association “Belaya Rus” was created as a result of the reorganization of the Brest regional Patriotic public Association “Belaya Rus”, Vitebsk regional public Association “Belaya Rus”, Gomel regional Patriotic public Association “Belaya Rus”, Grodno regional public Association “Belaya Rus”, Minsk regional public Association “Belaya Rus”, Mogilev regional public organization ” Belaya Rus», Minsk city public Association “Belaya Rus” through their merger and is the legal successor in all rights and obligations of each of them.


The purpose of the NGO “Belaya Rus” is to promote the unification of progressive forces of society interested in building a strong and prosperous Belarus, a socially just society based on the Patriotic and spiritual and moral values of the Belarusian people.


The tasks of the NGO “Belaya Rus” are:


  • promotion of citizens ‘ participation in the implementation of the country’s socio-economic development goals;
  • participation in the formation of civil society in the Republic of Belarus;
  • consolidation of public forces in order to achieve the statutory goal;
  • education of citizens and formation of their interest in active participation in the life of the country, education of patriotism as the most important spiritual and social value;
  • attracting the attention of state bodies, the public and the mass media to solving urgent problems of development of the country and society;
  • promotion of international cooperation, establishment of cooperation with public associations of other States.
  • promoting the formation of a strong, efficient, social state capable of ensuring a decent standard of living for citizens and guaranteeing the protection of their interests;


Primary organization of POO ” Belaya Rus” of employees and students of the educational institution

International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University


The primary organization of the Belaya Rus NGO of the International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University consists of 55 employees and 40 students.