Administrative procedures

*Other documents and (or) information necessary for the implementation of an administrative procedure, at the request of the state body (other organization) to which the citizen has applied, are submitted in accordance with the established procedure by state bodies, other organizations that are responsible for issuing them, and can also be submitted by the citizen independently.

A citizen may be required to provide documents confirming his / her authority if the application is submitted by a representative of the interested party, as well as other documents in the cases specified in paragraph 2 of Article 15 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On the Basics of Administrative Procedures”.

**In case of full exemption of a citizen in accordance with the legislation from paying a fee charged during the implementation of an administrative procedure, the citizen, instead of a document confirming payment, submits a document confirming the right to such exemption, and in case of partial exemption, in addition to the document confirming payment, a document confirming the right to partial exemption.

If the administrative procedure, which in accordance with this list should be carried out free of charge, requires a request for documents and (or) information from state bodies and other organizations, for the issuance of which a fee is provided, and citizens have not submitted such documents and (or) information independently, citizens pay for the issuance of the requested documents and (or) information.

The fee in the form of a fee (fee) is not paid by applicants for repeated performance of legally significant actions that are subject to a consular fee or state duty, due to mistakes made during their performance (including inaccuracies in issued (issued, reissued, certified, exchanged) documents (their duplicates) or incompleteness of information in them) due to the fault of a state body specially authorized to perform such actions, other authorized organization, official.

Settlement account of the educational institution “International State Ecological Institute
named after A. D. Sakharov ” of BSU for the implementation of an administrative procedure, which, in accordance with this list, is carried out for a fee:

r/r BY63 BAPB 3604 9257 3001 0000 0000
JSC “Belagroprombank”, BIC BAPBBY2X
220036, Minsk, Zhukov Avenue,
UNP 100626652, OKPO 14801519