Belarus ” without borders”

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8 of 09.01.2017 “On establishing a visa-free entry and exit procedure for foreign citizens”came into force on February 12, 2017. According to the Decree, a visa-free procedure for entering and leaving the Republic of Belarus is established at the checkpoint across the State Border of the Republic of Belarus.Minsk National Airport and temporary stay on the territory of the Republic of Belarus for a period of no more than five days from the date of entry for citizens of states with valid documents for crossing the border according to the list:


  1. Australia.
  2. The Republic of Austria.
  3. Republic of Albania.
  4. The Principality of Andor.
  5. Antigua and Barbuda.
  6. The Argentine Republic.
  7. Barbados.
  8. Kingdom of Bahrain.
  9. Kingdom of Belgium.
  10. Republic of Bulgaria.
  11. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  12. Federal Republic of Brazil.
  13. Republic of Vanuatu.
  14. State-Vatican City.
  15. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  16. Hungary.
  17. Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  18. Republic of Haiti.
  19. Islamic Republic of the Gambia.
  20. Federal Republic of Germany.
  21. Republic of Honduras.
  22. Hong Kong (Hong Kong)- it is not a state.
  23. The Hellenic Republic.
  24. Kingdom of Denmark.
  25. Commonwealth of Dominica.
  26. Republic of India.
  27. Republic of Indonesia.
  28. Irish.
  29. Republic of Iceland.
  30. Kingdom of Spain.
  31. Italian Republic.
  32. Canada.
  33. Republic of Cyprus.
  34. People’s Republic of China.
  35. Republic of Korea.
  36. The State of Kuwait.
  37. Republic of Latvia.
  38. The Lebanese Republic.
  39. Republic of Lithuania.
  40. Principality of Liechtenstein.
  41. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  42. Macao (Macao) is not a state.
  43. Republic of Macedonia.
  44. Malaysia.
  45. Republic of Malta.
  46. The Order of Malta is not a State.
  47. United Mexican States.
  48. Federated States of Micronesia.
  49. Principality of Monaco.
  50. Republic of Namibia.
  51. Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  52. Republic of Nicaragua.
  53. New Zealand.
  54. Kingdom of Norway.
  55. Sultanate of Oman.
  56. Republic of Panama.
  57. Republic of Peru.
  58. Republic of Poland.
  59. Portuguese Republic.
  60. Romania.
  61. Independent State of Samoa.
  62. Republic of San Marino.
  63. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  64. Republic of Seychelles.
  65. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
  66. Republic of Singapore.
  67. Slovak Republic.
  68. Republic of Slovenia.
  69. United States of America.
  70. Eastern Republic of Uruguay.
  71. Republic of Finland.
  72. The French Republic.
  73. Republic of Croatia.
  74. Czech Republic.
  75. Republic of Chile.
  76. Swiss Confederation.
  77. Kingdom of Sweden.
  78. Republic of El Salvador.
  79. Republic of Estonia.
  80. Japan.


Foreigners arriving in the “5 days without a visa” mode must have the following documents with them::


– a valid passport or other substitute document intended for traveling abroad;
– an insurance policy in the amount of at least 10,000 euros, valid in the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
– a migration card –
– money (for the day of stay at least 2 basic units).


For some countries from this list, there is an additional condition –the presence of a multiple-entry visa of the member states of the European Union or the member states of the Schengen area with a mark of entry into the territory of a member state of the European Union or a member state of the Schengen area, as well as air tickets with confirmation of the departure date from Minsk National Airport.

Foreigners who arrived under the visa-free regime do not need to register and choose their place of residence at their own discretion. The day of arrival and departure are included in the days of stay.

The Decree does not apply to persons who have arrived in the republic by flights from the Russian Federation and intend to fly to the airports of the Russian Federation. There is no border control on these flights, as they have the status of domestic flights, and arriving citizens need an entry visa to visit the Republic of Belarus.

The adopted document is aimed at boosting the travel of individuals, tourists, and business partners and will not apply to foreigners who hold diplomatic, official, special, or equivalent passports and carry out official trips.

                                               Inspector of the OGiM Department of Internal Affairs of the Sovetsky District Administration of Minsk

police Lieutenant Chapliy K. V.