Международный государственный экологический институт имени А. Д. Сахарова Белорусского государственного университета

2017. Actual Environmental Problems

Ресурсы коллекции (161-180)

Дата выпуска Заглавие Автор(ы)
2017 Characterization of biochemical properties and biological activity of compounds of a carbohydrate nature of some of bazidiomycetes Isakova, N.; Ikonnikova, N.
2017 The toxicity of the materials in relation to mesenchymal stem cells Ionova, A.; Danilkovich, N.; Kosmacheva, S.
2017 Development of data dependent MS/MS analysis using high-resolution chromatography-mass spectrometry Huliuta, I.; Shynhel, A.; Bokut, S.
2017 Comparative analysis of the status of radiation therapy in the Republic of Belarus and the countries of the former USSR Gurlo, D.; Titovich, E.
2017 Improvement of the database of the radiotherapy equipment in the Republic of Belarus Gurlo, D.; Titovich, E.
2017 The development of an online booking service for trading places in the markets of the city of Minsk Grushik, D.; Karpei, A.
2017 Analysis of mutagen effect of food colorings by Allium Test method Grishuk, I.; Novik, O.; Lozinskaia, O.
2017 Epidemically important types of bloodsucking mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae) in the territory of belarusian Polesie Goroshko, N.; Volkova, T.
2017 Prospects of using photon beams without the flattening filter (FFF beams) in the radiation therapy of malignant tumors Goldman, E.; Titovich, E.
2017 Study of factors that have a stimulating effect on growth and carotenogenesis in yeast Rhodotorula glutinis BIM Y-253 Gerasimovich, K.; Besarab, N.; Kanterova, A.; Novik, G.
2017 Characteristics of mortality from external causes of the Republic of Belarus Gavruseva, A.; Antonishina, D.; Podolyakina, V.
2017 The analysis of the epidemiological aspects of abortion Gaikova, E.; Dudinskaya, R.
2017 Psychological peculiarities of pregnant women Gaiduk, A.; Tolstaya, E.
2017 The combined effect of physiological and physical factors on homeostasis of calcium ions in the cells of the immune system Fomenko, K.; Puhteeva, I.; Gerasimovich, N.
2017 Features of use of psychoactive substances in various areas of the Republic of Belarus Filatova, D.; Sineleva, M.
2017 Evaluation of the level of health of men of military age in the Republic of Belarus Falevich, I.; Puhteeva, I.
2017 The state of newborn children from mothers with endocrine pathology Emelyanova, V.; Kokorina, N.
2017 The use of lasers of low intensity in dermatology. Laserous rejuvenation El Uardi, E.; Batyan, N.
2017 Comparative analysis of mortality of pneumonia in children of Molodecheno district Dunich, E.; Gerasimovich, N.
2017 Infectious and clinical laboratory markers in children with different forms of rheumatoid arthritis Druzhynina, O.; Koktysh, I.