Международный государственный экологический институт имени А. Д. Сахарова Белорусского государственного университета

2017. Actual Environmental Problems

Ресурсы коллекции (81-100)

Дата выпуска Заглавие Автор(ы)
2017 IAEA requirements for accounting and control of nuclear material at NPP Belkovskaya, E.; Khadzhinova, O.
2017 Spatial-temporal changes of emissions of polluting substances in atmospheric air of Belarus Bakanovskaya, E.; Vorobyov, D.
2017 Structure of software and hardware complex for monitoring and control of parameters and modes of solar collectors Avizhets, M.; Tonkonogov, B.
2017 Analysis of influence and consequences of accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima Astrouskaya, L.; Bushkevich, N.; Gerasimovich, N; Puhteeva, I.
2017 Features of spawning of a common frog (R. Temporaria) at meliorative channels Chernetskaya, A.; Asipchyk, M.
2017 The use of low intensity lasers in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 Zhuro, A.; Batyan, A.
2017 Risk analysis of dentalcaries for children’s population of Borisov Zhirchuk, M.
2017 Epidemiology of myocardial infarction in the Republic of Belarus Zhelyazko, V.
2017 Analysis of radiobiological planning of irradiation breast tumors based on the Monaco system Zazybo, Y.; Chikova, T.
2017 Factors of information environment in the aspect of ecological medicine and psychology Yunevich, N.
2017 The incidence of pathologies of a thyroid gland among the population of Republic of Belarus Yukhnovich, V.; Malinovskaya, J.
2017 Blood adrenocorticotropic hormone level in white mice upon heat and cold exposure Yerofeyeva, A.
2017 Allelic discrimination as a method for the estimation of social interaction Yerofeyeva, A.; Chuholskiy, A.; Smiljanic, D.
2017 Mathematical modeling in medicine Vasilevskaya, D.; Boyarkin, O.
2017 The influence of negative factors of production on the state of health of employees in the enterprise “Belshina” Voronina, A.
2017 The assessment of the efficiency of the cardiac care to the population of Gomel region Tolochko, V.; Sinelyova, M.
2017 Optimization of morphological method of apoptosis research in cell culture Tokarchuk, E.; Koktysh, I.
2017 Epidemiological aspects of lung cancer Sulkovskaya, A.; Stelmakh, V.
2017 Transforming growth factor beta as a prognostic marker of fibrogenesis in the experimental model of liver cirrhosis Strinovich, А.; Ivanchyk, H.; Nizheharodava, D.
2017 The parameters of cardiac rhythm in individuals of different age under the influence of physical activity Stepanyuk, M.; Lemiasheuski, V.; Kalenchuk, T.