Международный государственный экологический институт имени А. Д. Сахарова Белорусского государственного университета

2017. Actual Environmental Problems

Ресурсы коллекции (61-80)

Дата выпуска Заглавие Автор(ы)
2017 Radiation monitoring for dose assessment of representative person Kadatskaya, M.; Germenchuk, M.
2017 Dvantages of using linear accelerators of new generation for radiation therapy of tumors Hertsyk, O.; Titovich, E.; Tarutin, I.
2017 Specific features of the toxic effect of diisononyl phthalate on reproductive functions of white rats Grynchak, V.; Stelmakh, V.
2017 Mental health and the environment Gromova, T.; Kozelko, N.
2017 Bacteriosis in the pathology of waterfowl and the role of their distribution in the territory of the Republic of Belarus Grinek, A.; Liakh, Y.
2017 Storage of radioactive wastes as a way to ensure radiation safety Gorskaya, V.; Titkov, R.
2017 Ecological features of the community structure of waterbirds and shorebirds of the water reservoir “Drozdy” Minsk Gorbach, V.; Svistun, E.; Jasoveev, M.
2017 Influence of natural sorbents on radionuclides build-up in animal organisms Gmir, V.; Lemeshevskiy, V.
2017 Analysis of the environmental waste statistics. Background of the electronic statistical reporting forms Gavdel, A.
2017 Analysis of environmental activity at OJSC “Minsk railway-carriage repair works” Frolova, A.; Mukina, C.
2017 Practical experience of the application of the strategic environmental assessment in the Republic of Belarus Filippovich, K.; Misiuchenka, V.
2017 Neutron-physical and thermophysical calculations of WWER-1200. Software complex cascade Ezerski, A.
2017 Bioindication with the use of Trifolium repens L. Eshmanskaya, Yu.; Lozinskaya, O.
2017 Automating the management of the portal radiation monitors system Dubrouski, P.; Dubrousk, A.; Zhuravkov, V.; Ivaniukovich, V.
2017 Modelling of nonlinearity of light collection in large-volume scintillators Dubrousky, A.; Dubrousky, P.; Gusakova, O.; Beresneva, V.
2017 Analysis of environmental aspects to OJSC “Minsk tractor factory” Detsuk, D.; Mukina, C.
2017 Methodological approaches to the determination of the value estimation of ecosystem services and biological diversity of the lungs of the Republic of Belarus Budzevich, D.; Golovatyi, S.
2017 Solar flares and their impact on humanity Brynkevich, N.; Boyarkin, O.
2017 Development of a method for assessing the state of the environment of an industrial city using ruderal plants based on city Zhodino Boltsik, A.; Konopelko, O.; Goncharova, N.
2017 Сharacter of trophic relationships of locks (Acrididae) as the fitophagic consumers on the example Glyptobothrus apricarius Bintyai, A.; Sergeeva, T.; Smirnova, E.