Международный государственный экологический институт имени А. Д. Сахарова Белорусского государственного университета

2017. Actual Environmental Problems

Ресурсы коллекции (41-60)

Дата выпуска Заглавие Автор(ы)
2017 The destruction of the ozone layer and the problems of ecology Majdibor, D.; Malishevsky, V.
2017 The methods of laboratory diagnostics and epizootic situation on trichinosis in the city of Gomel Lyakh, Yu.; Dedkova, E.
2017 Monitoring of floodplain vegetation on the r. Western Dvina Liantaushchyk, M.; Chernetskaya, A.; Kalenchuk, T.
2017 Characteristic of the water deironing station RUE Valosin housing and utilities infrastructure Lastovskaya, N.; Len, E.
2017 The tracheid features of pine trees from different growing Khokh, A.; Kvaschenko, O.
2017 Techno-economic analysis of waste management at the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus Kuniza, A.; Mukina, C.
2017 Analysis of technological consumption of water in the municipal water supply and use waste water treatment by the example of city Grodno Kruk, E.; Lysuho, N.
2017 One-dimensional model of non-isothermal moisture transfer in enclosing construction Kresova, E.; Gishkeluk, I.; Kundas, S.
2017 Sewage treatment at luninets communal unitary enterprise water supply sewerage “Vodokanal” with the application of the biological treatment method Kovalevich, V.; Len, E.
2017 Chronic irradiation of scottish pine trees (pinus sylvestris) in the narovlyansky and vetkovsky phytocenoses: dosimetry and radiobiological effects Kovalev, V.; Goncharova, N.
2017 Georeactor and its impact on the environment Shturо, I.; Korney, S.; Boyarkin, O.
2017 Evaluation of measurement uncertainty in the control of microbiological purity of purified water Kirillova, Yu.
2017 Radiation protection in radiation therapy Khruscheva, A.; Vlasova, N.
2017 Sdeelection of model trees of scots pine to obtain dendrochronological information Khokh, A.; Kvaschenko, O.
2017 Analysis of water consumption and water disposal of JSC “Minsk plant of wheel tenders” Khodyko, Yu.; Mukina, K.
2017 Ecological problems of non-ionizing radiations Kemesh, E.; Malishevskiy, V.
2017 The assessment of the efficiency of wastewater treatment at the Minsk sewage treatment station Kazak, D.; Golovatyi, S.
2017 Probabilistic safety assessment on nuclear power plants Kavaliova, V.; Gusakova, O.
2017 Calculation of coefficient of hidden leakage in the water supply networks of subscribers Kashuba, A.; Ivaniukovich, U.
2017 Modern environmental problems – their causes and management Kapitsa, U.