Международный государственный экологический институт имени А. Д. Сахарова Белорусского государственного университета

2017. Actual Environmental Problems

Ресурсы коллекции (201-220)

Дата выпуска Заглавие Автор(ы)
2017 Isolation and characterization of rodent nervous tissue-derived cell culture Adamovich, A.; Charkouskaya, H.; Yurkevich, M.; Nizheharodava, D.
2017 Sensitivity of m.hominis and u.urealiticum to antibiotics Abdul, A.; Tarasova, E.
2017 Ecological education of youth as one of the directions of the activities of “Association of Belarus Guides” Zhilko, A.; Zhilko, L.; Mohаrt, T.; Mayor, L.
2017 An assessment of the level of ecological competences of teachers Yasaite, M.; Selmanovich, V.; Zhuk, Y.
2017 The process of the formation of the noosphere Voloshenko, A.; Lepskaya, N.
2017 Use of dna analysis in paleoanthropological research. history and state of the problem Vinnikava, V.
2017 Formation of aesthetic education by means of project activity Vaida, P.
2017 Probability of humanlike communication among virtual assistants – chat-bots Tkachenko, S.; Lefanova, I.
2017 The experience of application of innovative pedagogical technologies of student-ecologists training Simonahina, R; Kazantseva, V.; Zhuk, E.
2017 Application of interactive methods of training at the organization of out-of-class work on biology Selmanovich, O.; Yasaite, M.; Zhuk, E.
2017 Some peculiarities of the realization of green zones policy in the Republic of Korea Selmanovich, O.; Luchina, V.
2017 New challenges for people health in xxi century and change of medicine strategy Potapnev, M.
2017 The problems of organic food production Parmon, P.; Kuzina, L.; Nikitina, L.
2017 V. I. Vernadsky’s idea of the noosphere as a way of forming positive spiritual and social values in society Rebeeva, A.; Korotkevich, A.
2017 Database of integrated information system for analysis of potential of renewable energy sources Maslovskaya, E.; Tonkonogov, B.
2017 On the issue of the environmental, legal and economic consequences of the USA withdraw from the Paris climate agreement Marchenko, Y.; Luchina, V.
2017 The problem of hunger in food overproduction Kompaniets, M.; Kuzina, L.; Nikitina, L.
2017 The influence of natural tactile sensations on the human psyche Khilimonсhyk, P.; Olevskaya, I.
2017 Ecological danger of medical wastage Ignatovich, S.; Letvinova, V.; Kuzina, L.
2017 Positive and negative features of the consumer society Dumcheva, A.; Emelyanova, V.; Bogdanyuk, E.; Korotkevich, A.