Международный государственный экологический институт имени А. Д. Сахарова Белорусского государственного университета

2017. Actual Environmental Problems

Ресурсы коллекции (181-200)

Дата выпуска Заглавие Автор(ы)
2017 The identification of mutations in the genes BRCA1 (185DELAG) and BRCA2 (6174DELT) on the development of pancreatic cancer Drobysheva, V.; Spadaruk, E.; Smolyakova, R.
2017 Antioxidant activity of hexahydroquinolones Dankova, A.; Tarun, E.; Pyrko, A.
2017 Influence of blood irradiation by a helium-neon laser on its cellular and biochemical indicators Danchenko, A.; Lemiasheuski, V.; Batyan, A.
2017 Analysis of screening research of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the Republic of Belarus Chupakova, T.; Puhteeva, I.
2017 Incidence of cerebral palsy in Soligorsk district Chuholskiy, A.
2017 Epidemiological aspects of donorship. Safe blood transfusion in the Republic of Belarus Chobanyan, D.; Nashkevich, N.
2017 Analysis of morbidity of the population of the Republic of Belarus from alcoholism in 1995-2015 Cherepovich, C.; Vasyukevich, E.
2017 Engineering of bacterial strain producing fusion protein Bulatovski, A.; Kvach, S.; Eroshevskaya, L.; Zinchenko, A.
2017 Anemies in children from 0 to 3 years Boyko, P.
2017 Pregnancy in women after assisted reproductive technologies Boyarin, O.; Kokorina, N.
2017 Characterization of the cytotoxic effect of DMSO and SDS on MSC culture using MTT assay Bolsun, A.
2017 Biochemical aspects of ecological – hygienic characteristics of the domestic plant growth regulator “afаlamin” Boika, M.; Stelmakh, V.
2017 Hyperglycemia unjust-change of neutrophils microbicidal Bobrukevich, D.; Melnikova, Ya.
2017 The comparison of expression levels for the yellow gene and elongation factor gene Drosophila melanogaster at different stages of the development Bakun, N.; Chukholskiy, A.
2017 Content of alpha-fetoprotein in patients with systemic scleroderma Bakun, N.
2017 Analysis of human chorionic gonadotropin using bottom-up proteomic approach Babaryko, D.; Shauchuk, D.; Ruta-Zhukouskaia, E.
2017 Antioxidant activity of juice of small-fruit crops Antonchik, I.; Tarun, E.
2017 Influence of ionizing radiation in dose of 1 gy on calcium transfer in rats’ platelets Andrejev, R; Parhimovich, O.; Bulanova, K.
2017 Morbidity as negative indicator of population health Aliev, M.; Porada, N.
2017 Exosomes as biomarkers in pathology Aleksandryna, N.; Koktysh, I.